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Who is Apex Spray Foam?

Apex Spray Foam is a spray foam construction company located in Oswego, NY.

They provide insulation services to clients in the surrounding area:

What They Needed

Leighton Smith(founder of Apex Spray Foam) reached out to me in need of a website for his new business. They were looking to create a website that would educate people on the benefits of spray foam insulation and drive them to request a quote.

The two main goals of this website project were:

  1. Spray foam insulation education
  2. Drive leads to their business

My Approach

When talking with Apex Spray Foam during the initial discovery call, I learned a couple of things.

  1. Most people didn't understand the benefits of spray foam insulation
  2. The large upfront cost of spray foam turned a lot of people away before even learning about the benefits

Knowing this information, I strategically planned the hero copy. The reason for this was that I wanted to list the extreme negatives of what you lose when you don't have spray foam insulation. Triggering emotions in the copy is powerful. It pulls in the visitor and keeps their attention.

website homepage for Apex Spray Foam

See the picture above. These are things people can relate to and trigger specific feelings. This sets up the sentences under each bullet to explain how spray foam can fix this. It instantly compares the negatives, and what you lose without spray foam and the positives spray foam has.

Throughout the rest of the website, I emphasize and educate the visitor on spray foam and how it can help better insulate their home.

Education was one of the main goals for this project, and we clearly defined what spray foam is and how beneficial it can be. This allows the visitor to learn more about the details of spray foam and how it works.

The next goal was to drive leads to their business. As discussed earlier, emphasis on the copy and overall design gave the visitor an easy flow from section to section. With clear call to actions throughout the website, we guide the user through a journey to ultimately land on the contact page requesting a quote.


Every element we put on the page has a purpose. I want the design and messaging to be consistent throughout the entire website. We also focus on the goals and wants of every business. Understanding this is crucial in building a successful website.

Apex Spray Foam now has a website that they can use to educate their future clients. They also have consistent messaging to help guide the user to their contact page.

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