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Who is Blue Pin Media?

Blue Pin Media is a creative digital agency located in Syracuse NY.

They provide a number of services to their clients, which include:

What They Needed

Bryan Cavellier(Owner of Blue Pin Media) reached out to me in need of a website for his new business. They were looking to create a website that would showcase their work and be a driving force to bring in new clients.

The main goal for Blue Pin Media was to bring in new leads and get them to request a quote.

My Approach

I follow a process to determine how we can build a website that is beneficial to your business. For each project I take on, I tailor the messaging and design to fit your business.

When I started this project, I asked Bryan some questions about his business. What this does is help solidify the messaging and positioning of his brand amongst his competitors.

The reason I do this is twofold.

  1. A website without clear messaging is not effective
  2. When their ideal customer lands on the website, we want them to feel heard

The section immediately below the fold shows us the problem his customer faces and how he positions himself as a solution to that problem.

He is targeting small businesses that feel they want to grow their digital marketing services without the price tag of a big agency.

By doing this, he resonates with his customer and, we can ensure that the flow from section to section is clear.


Building a website is more than just putting your content and services on a page. With websites all over the internet, we have to be intentional about what we are telling our visitors.

With this website, Blue Pin Media can now showcase its work to potential clients, and easily connect with them.

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