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Who is Danielle Southwick?

Danielle Southwick provides grief coaching services in Syracuse, NY. She also speaks at live and virtual events regarding grief coaching.

What She Needed

Danielle needed a refreshed website for her brand. She had a Squarespace website, but she felt it didn’t speak to what she was trying to do and accurately represent her services.

A new website would include a refreshed brand design with a new color scheme. In terms of her offerings, she wanted to include multiple different services:

These were Danielle’s main factors in choosing a website rebuild.

My Approach

Every project I start begins with a strategy call. It’s here that I develop the business needs that are necessary for the project to be considered a success. I then translate these business goals to make sure they are achievable with a website build. After talking with Danielle, I came away with a couple of points.

  1. The website needed to represent her services
  2. Website design would speak to her ideal customers
  3. Password protected pages
  4. Calendly integration into website
  5. Sign up for a free ebook

I started with a design that would speak to her ideal customers. After some competitor research, the result was a color palette that was soft and inviting to people who were experiencing grief of any kind.

brand guide with colors

Once this color palette was approved, I built a design layout that would accurately reflect multiple services. I did this with a banner bar underneath the main hero section. It reflected two different offerings that Danielle had, “Grief coaching” and “Live or virtual speaking.”

For homepages, I tend to stick with the StoryBrand template by Donald Miller. It’s a proven concept that focuses on the copy of the website. The website’s goal is to solve a customer’s problem. In the strategy calls, I help identify the issues my client’s customer is experiencing. The different sections on the homepage address problems and how Danielle can solve these specific problems. By doing this, it makes the website visitor feel heard. Their problem is understood and then how the website’s service/product can solve that.

This can be hard to do when building a website for yourself. People tend to build a website that they would like and focus on the aspects and elements that they find intriguing. A key to remember is the website is about the customer. People looking to buy something want to focus on how you can help their problem.

This was a key factor in the layout of the homepage.


All websites I build require a unique approach. Focusing on solving specific business problems using a website is always the goal. Success will look different for every client, but the goal is that we achieve success with the website.

Danielle has a new website that she can use to help promote all of her services and has a brand design that accurately reflects what she does and how she can help people.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help build a website for you, please email me at luke@lukenetti.com

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