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Who is Emily Netti Photography?

Emily Netti Photography is a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Syracuse, NY.

She provides wedding and lifestyle photography that captures those special moments in your life.

What She Needed

She wanted a new website that focused on her classy and sophisticated brand. As a wedding photographer, the images play a critical role in achieving her look.

They speak to a multitude of things.

She also needed a website that was faster. With all of the images on the website, it slowed down the page speed.

Overall the goal of this project was to build a design that spoke to a new brand identity and a faster website.

My Approach

With every website I build, I address the business questions first. No website is worth building if there is no direction and identity that the business has.

The photography work of Emily Netti Photography has upgraded its brand to be more classy, sophisticated, and clean. This was a focal point in the design process.

We accomplished this with sharp colors and a less busy design. The image below shows that the overall feel and design are consistent.

website page mockup

The next important phase was the page speed. With any website that has lots of images, you will notice a slower website. With page speed being one of the target goals for success, this was something we fixed.

To fix this, we ran our suite of plugins and optimization techniques to ensure every page loads quickly and the images are displayed in high resolution, without taking too long to load.

At launch time, here were our page speed scores!

website performance scores


As with any website I build, I want to accomplish the goals of our clients. Success looks different for every business, and that is why a tailored approach to building out your website is essential.

Here’s what we accomplished with this build:

Emily Netti Photography now has a website that she is proud to show off and attract the high-quality clients she is after.

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