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Your website deserves the best

I offer a comprehensive list of services to help you launch and grow your business with your website.

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Strategy Call - $500

After a free introduction call, the next step is the strategy call. This is required for all website projects.

It is the starting point and the most critical phase of the project. Here I make sure the website aligns with your goals. As a business, an entrepreneur, or a CEO, this strategy call lays the foundation to determine success for the website.

From this call, you will receive an in-depth strategy summary doc that includes the statement of work for a proposed solution. This document is the source of truth to guide the website building process. It ensures that we build a solution tailored to your needs.

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Website Audit - $350

Who is this for

Do you want your website looked at by a professional? This is an opportunity for an expert to take a look at your website and give you clear recommendations and improvements. I will examine your websites performance, SEO, design, UX, and copy.

what you get

You will receive 15-20 minute Loom video recording of me personally walking through your website. To go along with this, I will provide a checklist of improvements you can make to get the most from your website.

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Semi-custom - $4,000

is this you?

Are you trying to build a website yourself? Only uncovering more questions than answers? You're not alone. This package is perfect if you are just starting out, or looking to upgrade your website from one you built yourself.

how it works

- Pick a pre-built design based on your business goals and objectives
- Fill out my content guide to ensure the website will accomplish it's goal
- I apply your branding and personal style
- You review the website and go live.

Estimated timeline for this project is 1 month.

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Custom - $8,000

Who is this for?

Are you looking to have a website that accurately and consistently represents your business at the highest level? A good website should instill confidence to target and land your ideal clients. Showcasing yourself as a clear industry leader in your field.If so, this is for you.

how it works

My custom package is broken down into 3 distinct phases.

1. Strategy
2. Design
3. Development

In the strategy phase I work hard to understand and learn everything I can about your business and industry. Here is where I perform market research to learn and understand your market.

The design phase takes everything I have learned in the strategy phase and builds a custom design to suit your specific needs.

I pair this with custom Webflow development to build you a professional website that will serve your business for years to come.

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Webflow Development

Already have a Figma design and want it built? I can do that for you. I build exclusively with Webflow and have experience in building complex designs and integrations.

To provide an accurate quote, I will need to see your Figma design.

Have questions? I have answers.

See frequently asked questions about my services

Do you only build in Webflow?
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Yes, Webflow is a great platform to build websites on and will ensure your website lasts for a long time.

What about SEO?
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I perform on-page SEO. This means I optimize all content on the webpage for search engines and users. This lays the foundation for any SEO campaigns you may wish to do in the future.

I don't offer any ongoing SEO packages. If this is something you are looking for, I can recommend other agencies.

How long does it take to build a website?
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For the semi-custom package, builds are typically completed in 1 month. For the custom package, builds typically take 2–3 months.

Can you design with my brand colors and logo?
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Most definitely! No matter what package you decide to go with, your website will look unique with your colors and branding.

Do you include any maintenance plans?
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Yes, if you would rather have someone else update your website, I provide a continued support package through my care plans. This is a $250/month fee.  
What's included:  
- 30 minutes worth of updates per month (link changes, copy updates, image uploads)
- Monthly analytics reports
- Uptime monitoring
- Peace of mind that your website is functioning like it should

How fast are the websites?
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I pride myself on building high performance websites. I use Google Lighthouse to measure your website speed. Making sure your website is fast on all internet connections.